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Pituitary apoplexy followed by endocrine remission. Report of two cases

Miranda M1, Barros L, Knopfelmacher M, Augusto EC, Jacomossi A, Cukiert A, Salgado LR, Nery M, Goldman J, Liberman B.


Pituitary apoplexy is rare and endocrine remission in patients with apopletic secreting pituitary adenomas is even rarer. This study reports on two patients with pituitary macroadenomas (one with Cushing's disease and the other with acromegaly) in whom endocrine remission occurred after apoplexy. The first patient had Cushing's disease and had an ictus of headache and vomiting after which she started a progressive remission of hypercortisolism. A post-apoplexy MRI disclosed persistence of a sellar and supra-sellar mass. She was submitted to transesphenoidal surgery. An hypertensive hemorrhagic cyst was found with no tumor. The second patient had acromegaly. While performing a LHRH-stimulation test he had an ictus of headache, vomiting, no visual loss and appearance of diabetes insipidus. A CT scan disclosed an intrasellar hematoma. Despite the size of the tumor and since there was no visual impairment, this patient was followed up without surgery. Imaging follow-up showed a progressive shrinkage and disappearance of the mass, which was corroborated by endocrine remission. A high rate of recurrence is reported in such patients in the literature. Both patients are being currently followed-up on a long-term basis.