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Quality of life of patients after epilepsy surgery

Frayman L1, Cukiert A, Forster C, Ferreira VB, Buratini JA.


Drug resistant epilepsy impairs patients' quality of life making social interaction more difficult. Surgical treatment is an option for seizure control in medically refractory patients. We evaluated pre-operative and post-operative quality of life using a standardized questionnaire based on the QOLIE-10. The questionnaire included ten questions dealing with psychosocial and drug's side effects and was applied before surgery and eight months post-operatively. The studied sample comprised twelve consecutive adult patients with epilepsy treated surgically who were seizure free. Differences were found between the pre-operative and post-operative periods in 70% of the questions, with a better post-operative profile. Successful epilepsy surgery has a great impact in the quality of life of these patients.