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Outcome after hemispherectomy in hemiplegic adult patients with refractory epilepsy associated with early middle cerebral artery infarcts.

Cukiert A1, Cukiert CM, Argentoni M, Baise-Zung C, Forster CR, Mello VA, Burattini JA, Mariani PP.



To study the outcome after hemispherectomy (HP) in a homogeneous adult patient population with refractory hemispheric epilepsy.


Fourteen adult patients submitted to HP were studied. Patients had to be at least 18 years old, and have refractory epilepsy, clearly focal lateralized seizures and unilateral porencephalus consistent with early middle cerebral artery infarct on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). All patients were submitted to functional hemispherectomy. We analyzed age of seizure onset, age by the time of surgery, gender, seizure type and frequency, interictal and ictal electroencephalography (EEG) findings, MRI and IQ scores preoperatively; seizure frequency, drug regimen, and IQ outcome were studied postoperatively.


Mean follow-up was 64 months. All patients had frequent daily seizures preoperatively. All patients had unilateral simple partial motor seizures (SPS); 11 patients had secondarily generalized tonic-clonic (GTC) seizures and five patients had complex partial seizures (CPS), preoperatively. All patients had hemiplegia and hemianopsia. Twelve patients had unilateral EEG findings, and in two epileptic discharges were seen exclusively over the apparently normal hemisphere. Twelve patients were seizure-free after surgery and two patients had at least 90% improvement in seizure frequency. Pre- and postoperative mean general IQ was 84 and 88, respectively. Five of the twelve Engel I patients were receiving no drugs at last follow-up. There was no mortality or major morbidity.


Our results suggest that well-selected adult patients might also get good results after HP. Although good results were obtained in our adult series, the same procedure yielded a much more striking result if performed earlier in life.