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Knowledge about epilepsy among teachers and epileptic patients

Tosetti MF1, Campos MA, Bauer CR, Araujo MM, Pedrazolli S, Silva YB, Montovani C, Haddad MS, Poetcher A, Cukiert A, et al.


223 epileptics patients and their families and 136 teachers from public and private schools were submitted to similar questionnaires related to inheritance, transmission, cure, complication rates, care during seizures, need for information on the disease, habits, comparison with other diseases and to the educational and social performance of epileptics. Cure and complication rates accounted for the main differences between those populations. Epileptics could recognize a bigger number of complications but still expected to be cured from the disease. The majority of teachers and patients have never been informed about epilepsy and this finding was related to the big number of equivocal answers obtained from them. Put together, the data showed that social and educational performance of epileptic patients could be disturbed by medical and social parameters. Some of them could be improved by an educational program towards these aspects of epilepsy.