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Eating epilepsy

Haddad MS1, Puglia JĂșnior JP, Navarro JM, Gronich G, Scapolan HB, Aloe FS, Vilela MM, Naylor FG, Cukiert A, Mariano JĂșnior R.


Eating epilepsy is a rare type of reflex epilepsy. A 24 years-old male with eating reflex complex partial seizures was submitted to clinical, neurological, neuroradiological and EEG studies. Neurologic and CT examinations were normal. EEG recordings including video-EEG monitoring during meals disclosed focal abnormalities related to both temporal lobes prevailing at the left side and secondary bilateral synchrony mainly in more anterior regions. Ictal findings were similar to the interictal secondary bilateral synchrony except for its longer duration. PB, VPA and DPH monotherapies were ineffective. High dose CBZ monotherapy yielded good but incomplete seizure control. Since a big number of precipitants could be involved, no specific physiopathological basis could be established.