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Effects of corpus callosum stimulation on the morphology and frequency of epileptic bursts in the feline topical penicillin generalized model.

Cukiert A1, Baumel SW, Andreolli M, Marino R Jr.


Twelve cats were stimulated at the rostrum of the corpus callosum while full epileptic activity was recorded after topical application of penicillin on the cortex bilaterally. Electrocorticography was performed bilaterally. In 6 animals the electrode position was checked by evoked potentials. Stimulation parameters ranged from 0.5 to 1,000 Hz, from 2 to 10 mA, and from 0.5 to 5.0 ms. No significant modification was found in frequency, synchrony, and morphology of the epileptic bursts and spikes, suggesting that callosal stimulation, at least using this model, is ineffective in reducing epileptic activity.